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Fiction Set in RI

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Fiction Set in Rhode Island
Ammerman, Mark The Rain from God (1997)
Arellano, Robert Don Dimaio of La Plata (2004)
Arsenault, Mark Gravewriter (2006)
Barker, Shirley Strange Wives (1963)
Barnes, Jane Double Lives (1981)
Beyea, Basil The Golden Mistress (1975)
Brelis, Dean My New Found Land (1963)
Briody, Thomas Rogue’s Wager(1997) (and other “Rogue’s” titles)
Brogan, Jan A Confidential Source (2005)
Cable, Mary Avery’s Knot (1981)
Casey, John Spartina (2001)
Clark, Mary Higgins Moonlight Becomes You (1996)
Clark, Mary Jane Hide Yourself Away (2004)
Cotter, Betty J. Roberta's Woods (2008)
Cummings, Barbara A Killing on Church Grounds (2006)
Cunningham, Elaine Shadows in the Darkness (2004)
Cunningham, Elaine Shadows in the Starlight (2006)
Dailey, Janet Maybe This Christmas (2003)
Dailey, Janet Strange Bedfellow (1979)
De Guzman, Michael Strangers (1979)
De Jong, David Cornel Benefit Street (1942)
Deane, Pamala-Suzette My Story Being This: Details of the Life of Magahee, Lady of Colour (2004)
Delinsky, Barbara Heart of the Night (1989)
Delinsky, Barbara Vineyard (2000)
Elkins, Charlotte and Aaron Nasty Breaks (1997)
Farrelly, Peter Outside Providence (1988)
Florence, Ronald The Last Season (2000)
Gabbard, Alex Gaspee (2007)
Gardner, Lisa The Survivor’s Club (2002)
Giannini, Al The Aberration (2000)
Green, Gerald Murfy’s Men (1981)
Greene, Thomas Christopher Envious Moon (2007)
Greenan, Russell Keepers (1978)
Hardy, Edward Keeper and Kid (2008)
Heppner, Mike Pike’s Folly (2006)
Herzog, Arthur Earthsound (1975)
Holmes, Dee Coming Home (2003)
Hood, Ann The Properties of Water (1995)
Hood, Ann Ruby (1998)
Howard, Maureen The Silver Screen (2004)
Jakes, John The Gods of Newport (2006)
Johnson, Maureen Devilish (2006) (young adult title)
Kennedy, William Siren’s Lullaby (1997)
Kimberly, Alice The Ghost and the Dead Deb (2006)
Kimberly, Alice The Ghost and the Dead Man’s Library (2007)
Kotker, Zane White Rising (1981)
Kruger, Mary Death on the Cliff Walk: A Gilded Age Mystery (1994)
Lamb, Wally She’s Come Undone (1996)
Leuci, Robert The Snitch (1997)
Lincoln, Victoria February Hill (1934)
Lincoln, Victoria Celia Amberley (1949)
Lion, Hortense Mill Stream (1941)
Lisle, Janet Taylor The Art of Keeping Cool (2000) (juvenile title)
Lisle, Janet Taylor Black Duck (2006) (juvenile/young adult title)
Lisle, Janet Taylor The Crying Rocks (2003) (juvenile title)
Livsey, John ’38: The Great Hurricane in Quonochontaug, Rhode Island (2004)
MacDonald, Robert S. The Catherine (1982)
Marsh, George Ask No Quarter (1945)
Matteson, Stefanie Murder on the Cliff (1991)
McGarry, Jean The Airs of Providence (1985)
McLarty, Ron Memory of Running (2005)
McLarty, Ron Traveler (2007)
Montalbano, Donna The House on Benefit Street (2003)
Newman, Daisy Diligence in Love (1951)
Parker, Robert Ceremony (1982)
Paul, Raymond The Tragedy at Tiverton (1984)
Pezzelli, Peter Every Sunday (2005)
Pezzelli, Peter Italian Lessons (2007)
Pickard, Nancy Secret Ingredient Murders (2001)
Picoult, Jodi My Sister’s Keeper (2004)
Plante, David The Family (1978)
Ravin, Neil Informed Consent (1983)
Rice, Luanne Dance With Me (2004)
Rice, Luanne Edge of Winter (2007)
Rice, Luanne Blue Moon (1993)
Richter, Harvena The Human Shore (1959)
Rogers, Samuel Dusk at the Grove (1934)
Rosen, R.D. Strike Three, You’re Dead (1984)
Rosen, R.D. Dead Ball (2001)
Sapir, Richard Spies (1984)
Settle, Mary Lee I, Roger Williams: A Fragment of Autobiography (2001)
Smith, Hedley Yankee Yorkshirewomen(1978)
Smith, Hedley Gift of Armor: A Romance of Warwick (1968)
Smith, Mary-Ann Tirone She’s Not There: A Poppy Rice Novel (2003)
Spitalnic, Stuart Bringing Back Eight: a Novel About Medical Malpractice on Trial (2004)
Sprague, Theobald The Reach (1999)
Stafford, Henry Barnard Contraband (1936)
Stein, Michael This Room is Yours (2004)
Storandt, William The Summer They Came (2002)
Straight, Nina Ariabella The First (1981)
Taylor, Sarah Stewart Mansions of the Dead (2004)
Updike, John Witches of Eastwick (1984)
Vaughan, Carter A. Dragon Cove (1964)
Washburn, Delphine Newport Woman (1967)
Watkins, Paul Calm at Sunset, Calm at Dawn (1989)
Weldon, Rhode Island Blues (2000)
Whitney, Phyllis Spindrift (1975)
Wiggs, Susan Summer by the Sea (2004)
Wilder, Thornton Theophilus North (1973)
Willett, Jincy Winner of the National Book Award (2003)
Williamson, Penelope The Passions of Emma (1997)
Wolff, Geoffrey Providence (1986)
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